Brand Profile

Fratelli Radice history is a family story which starts in the beginning of last century.
It is 1920 when the founder, Adolfo Radice, already descendent from an ebanist family, decides to open his own little shop below his house, in Seveso, between Milan and Como. More than an artisan Adolfo is a real sculptor: his hands shape the wood transforming it in precious and exclusive furnishings objects.

From the small shop to the present structured company, that of Fratelli Radice is a story of continuos and uninterrupted growing.
Nowadays Fratelli Radice is a consolidated reality capable to manufacture dining rooms, sitting sets, bedrooms, studios, occasionals, kitchens, bath rooms, doors and any kind of custom made furniture, for projects and contracts. Its creations cross the national borders and enter the private villas, embassies, casinos and hotel all over the world.