Our Services


From understanding how furniture is assembled and acknowledging it’s artistic purpose to utilizing every little element in the utmost convenient way, Feature Interior provides it’s clients with the counseling needed to create the perfect design and execution plan of their vision. It starts by perceiving and welcoming the needs and likings of our clients, and emracing their culture and their life style. We provide an abundance of options that fits in our client’s budget, timeline and ultimately their satisfaction.


Design creating the perfect harmony and integrating all elements, starting with the mood, style and micro scoping to the smallest detail, timeless or contemporary, our team at Feature Interior creates the harmony between the elements of the furniture, to the finishing's of the furniture design. Moreover, we design and select luminaries, and finish it with a unique selection of artwork.


Provision when you're looking for the perfect solution for a space, it's better to have plenty of options.  Our partnerships with a wide range of international brand leaders gives us the experience and know-how to determine exactly what products can fulfill your vision.